Is that Santa?

As I walked through the halls of the Warthog’s burrow,

I stumbled across an image unlike anything I had ever seen. I turned to Andy Warthog and said, “Is that Santa?”

Without hesitation Andy replied, 

"Why Wouldn't It Be?"

“In theory, Santa is only looking exactly like ‘Santa’ one night of the year. What does he look like the rest of the time?”

I stopped to ponder the idea. The creature in the image looked like no Santa I had seen before. He was not jolly and giddy, but instead looked exhausted and drained.

“I thoroughly enjoy exploring the thought of, what would Santa look like on a day to day basis,”

the Warthog proclaimed.

“It must be quite tiring trying to keep up with all the good and bad children from all around the world. We all grow up having this wonderful cheerful creature as the face of our holiday spirit, but why couldn’t he have bags under his eyes or a five o’clock shadow? I am not trying to portray an evil version of Santa, more so just embellishing the idea of the other side of him.”

I smirked as I could actually imagine this creature, it made Santa feel almost more real.

Just as I turned to walk away Andy uttered, 

“What would your Santa look like?”

We sat there in the grass for a moment, breathing in the fresh air, taking a second to really take it all in.

Before I could say what I think my Santa would look like, the Warthog popped his snout from around the corner. “What if late at night, on his days off he was a drag queen? I’m talking about the full works. Hair, make up, heels, boobs. He could give Ru Paul a run for his money! — That’s it! Shhhhh, don’t say a word. I think I just came up with an idea for my next collection.”


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