Leaf Us Alone

It was a warm summer afternoon,

as the sun beat down on the back of our necks, I watched as Andy Warthog reached down and plucked a shred of grass and plopped it right in his mouth. As the trees swayed from a cool breeze above, I couldn’t help but think, wow, it’s truly stunning out here.

Andy passed me a leaf off a tree beside us and said, “Inspiring isn’t it? All the trees and leaves. It’s remarkable how nature is truly alive. I mean they breathe and birth beauty, right before our eyes.”

“It's delightful being outside,”

I replied.

“Did nature inspire one of your collections?”

As a matter of fact it did, how could it not! All nature is art.

I decided to create a surrealistic collection, morphing the idea of leaves with different aspects of nature around it like insects, butterflies, and more. Similar to Salvador Dali, but less of a dream landscape. I mean, no one can truly create something like Mr. Dali. His mind was a true marvel.

“A leaf was my ultimate form of inspiration, it’s born with the best views on this earth, reaches its maturity and then simply dies. Each form is just as important as the last. It’s poetic, nature is its prettiest right before it dies.”

The Warthog sighed in admiration while glancing at the sun beams creeping through the trees.

“Even insects can be leaves. Like the Phylliidae family, they merely look just like a leaf! It’s remarkable! I believe that we as passengers on this planet would do best if we just leaf nature alone,” Andy chuckled. “That’s why I named this collection, Leaf Us Alone.”

We sat there in the grass for a moment, breathing in the fresh air, taking a second to really take it all in.


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