Children Of The Candy

"I remember it as clear as yesterday,"

I sat with the Warthog as he gnawed on some jackal berries. “Have you ever tried a jackal berry? They are my favorite. A nice juicy jackal berry with your mom by my side is a great time.” 

Andy cackled as I just stared at him wondering, did this Warthog really just make a ‘your mom’ joke?

The vibe changed rapidly as Andy finished his last berry and glanced solemnly at his empty bowl. “What’s on your mind,” I asked.

“Did you know there are approximately 2.5 million homeless children each year in the U.S. alone? Each of those children may not know where their next meal comes from, their next snack. I mean sh*t, they don’t even know where they are going to rest their heads. The fact that we are in the year of 2022 and we haven’t come up with a better solution for this is f*cking bullsh*t.”

I sat there for a second and really let what the Warthog said resonate. After a few moments passed, I looked up at him and said, what made you think of that?

He gasped to get as much air as he could before saying, “I just sat here looking at my empty bowl, thinking about my delicious treat. Then I got to thinking of candy and all the children that don’t even have homes, or clothes, or a family, much less a treat… like candy.”

“Candy is over a $37 billion industry. There is so much candy and so many starving kids. Imagine if all the homeless kids started going on a murderous rampage just for some candy, I mean they would kill all the adults, it would be like Children of the Corn… but instead Children of the Candy.”


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