For Your Mom’s House

This evening I had the honor of being invited to Andy Warthog's burrow.

As I crawled in, I couldn’t help but notice the almost boring styled rug in the center of the room. On the walls hung pieces that I thought to myself, there is no way this is real life, “Am I being Punk’d?”

I accidentally let the thought slip out. The Warthog chuckled and said,

“No I created these pieces for more of a casual ambiance, a soothing vibe.”

Weirded out that Andy really just used the word ‘ambiance,’ I turned to him and said, “I feel like this collection is so unlike your others, there is way less of a shock or thrill, almost as if they are —“

“For YOUR mom’s house!”

The Warthog cut me off just to hit the punchline before I could.

We both laughed hysterically as he was right. The pieces gave a sort of calm, familiar vibe.
Andy snorted in desperation for air from laughing too hard. “That’s the idea behind the entire collection. Each of these pieces almost look like something your mom would hang up! It’s different, unexpected from me. I gotta keep my fans on their toes, as a wise human once said, ‘always expect the unexpected.’”

I sighed in acceptance. “It’s almost like I feel a sense of comfortability around these pieces. It feels like getting a hug from my mom. A safe sense of zero surprises. I enjoy just knowing that you are getting exactly what you expect from this collection.”

Andy looked me dead in the eyes. I could feel an emotional bonding moment occurring between the two of us.

“That’s exactly how I feel about these pieces. It’s like a nice, long warm hug from your mom.”

We laughed and continued on with our night.


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