Fruit at War

It was a surprisingly warm, summer evening.

I joined Andy Warthog on a dock by a lake. With mosquitoes circling the sky above us; Warthog reached for a strawberry from the bowl in his lap. As the juices overflowed the corners of his lips he glanced in my direction and said, “Have you noticed how the world is going to sh*t in every aspect it seems?” 

“With global destruction showing its unsightly face at every turn, war has been on my mind a lot these days. The war in Ukraine is engulfing all of us whether we know it or not. And not only the Ukrainian war, but there is battle within the U.S. everyday. Not only just with humans being humans, but with our food as well.”

Deep in my head I knew he was right. Was I just too anxious to confront myself with what is happening all around me? I asked Warthog what to elaborate.

“Take this strawberry for example, something so pure, succulent, and delicious, was given to us naturally from Mother Earth. It has nutrients that will help our body survive and thrive. Yet, we as humans have taken our grimy little hands and morphed it into something almost unrecognizable from the original fruit of the earth. That’s why I created my Fruit at War collection. Because just what if –”

Warthog paused to catch his breath from the long winded rant.

“– Our fruit and vegetables filled with chemicals adapted to be able to fight back. Imagine this f*ckin strawberry in my hand with a loaded firearm, fighting back for its life, and its rights. Would they even have rights?”

I took a moment to pause and really contemplate fruit. I mean for f*ck’s sake. Who thinks about that?

“I wanted to develop a collection that brings a futuristic, burst of color to fruit and veggies. With both a low tech and high tech vibe… explore that thought.”


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