Big Farm Did It

I took a stroll with the Warthog this morning,

with dew drops covering the blades of grass,  his chickens cawed the rest of the world awake. Andy turned to me as if to begin one of his long winded speeches. 

“Look at my chickens. Is there anything different about them that you notice?” 

The Warthog glanced at me with a smirk, as if he knew what I was going to say. I took a long look at the chickens rushing by my feet, hoping to notice something. Andy could see my mind was racing for an answer when he said — 

“They aren’t fat. That is a natural cock right there. All of my animals only consume organic feed.  I’m not trying to create any animal mutations like a certain company that starts with an M and ends with -anto…”

I looked at him and before I could say anything else he was off again. 

“I mean just look at all of the food we consume in America. A significant amount of American food is banned in other countries. Why is that?! Have you ever thought about how you can eat as much food as you want in Europe and gain wayyy less weight than you would in America?! That’s some conspiracy level shit right there.” 

I paused in amusement. Watching Andy go on a tangent is unlike anything else. 

“That’s why I started the Big Farm Did It collection, I wanted to speak my mind and hopefully instill some action, or at least get people thinking. I mean for the love of whatever god you want to believe in, how long are we going to let large companies poison us with these animal by products they market as meat!” 

Andy looked at me waiting for my reaction. I just stood there in silence as cows mooed in the distance. 

“I’m just saying… it’s time to make a change.” 



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