See Creatures

I sat down with Andy Warthog in his living room for an interview.

With the crew awaiting the Warthog to come down, and the lights starting to make me sweat, Andy peered from around the corner and said in a deep raspy voice,

“Do you know what lives in the deep dark depths of the ocean?”

I chuckled in mild discomfort. The Warthog moved swiftly around the room to the chair beside me, snorted, and proceeded to give a long winded speech.

“I mean think about it. We as humans were here long after the ocean, and we have only yet to discover roughly 5% of it. For all we know there could be ANYTHING down there!” He stood as he shouted ‘anything.’

“Wouldn’t you love to be able to just dive deep down, I’m talking to the absolute bottom of this sh*t, and just explore, without having to worry about coming back up for air. Imagine, being able to breathe in water. Like take a frog for example. They are amphibians, so they can breathe both on land and in water. Imagine if all creatures could do that. Would we have sharks on land and cities at the bottom of the ocean? We would potentially be face to face with any creature that may be down there.” 

I smirked and rolled my eyes. “Why are we talking about the ocean again?” I said.

Andy just turned to look at everyone in the room and began to profess, “I just find it intriguing how we don’t know what could be down there. That’s why I made the See Creatures Collection. Because for all we know, what I created could be seen down there.” 

He was right. How much do we really know about the ocean? No wonder so many people have thalassophobia.


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