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Vladimir putin


There has truly been only a few worse people to exist than Vladamir Putin. As we continue to see the war in Ukraine continuing to still go on after a year, my hatred for the SOB still reigns. It is hard for me to wrap my brain around such a sick, twisted individual. F*CK PUTIN. F*CK his war. One more time for good measure, F*CK PUTIN.


A horrific tragedy

There are few things in this world that make this Warthog cry. Human and animal suffering happens to be one of them. These are the things wrong with this world. How can you look at a sweet, innocent animal and harm them? Those pure souls do not even know what is going on. Animal abusers AND human abusers are a different kind of sick f*cks. To mentally, or even emotionally, intentionally harm another human being is messed up. Let alone physically. And don’t even get me started on sex trafficking. This would end up being a ranting novel.


Basically any kind of -ism

As a child, you do not see the color of skin as a determination of human quality. Racism is taught, observed, and learned. Each time we make one step forward in understanding each other we take two steps back.


They are cute but deadly

Fiona the baby hippo is my one exception. After that, those creatures are deadly. Have you ever seen one move through the water? You would think something of that size would lag a little. NOPE. Hippos kill up to 500 humans per year. In comparison, roughly 73 people die from a shark per year. It might be time for you to reevaluate your water-animal fears.

You Want More, Don't You?

Ofcourse you do.

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