I’m Moer Fatter

As I sat outside on a rusty, old rocking chair, staring quietly at the plate of grass, roots, and berries in my hand, wondering

“wow this is really what Andy Warthog eats?

I dreamt of cupcakes, and ice cream hitting my lips. The succulent sweet, cold cream melting down a cone. Before I even noticed. A drop of drool rolled out of my mouth.

The Warthog looked at me and chortled.

“Looks good doesn’t it?”

 I quietly replied,

almost ashamed and admitted,

“Actually I was thinking about cupcakes.”

Andy snorted and said, “Did you know that almost half of all the adults in the U.S. are obese? I mean you’d be surprised considering our society’s obsession with weight loss is embedded in us.” 

I got comfortable, knowing this was going to be an insightful rant.

“It’s almost contradictory on its own. I mean our society’s obsession with weight loss and image has almost the opposing effect. Nearly 28.8 million Americans are bound to have some kind of an eating disorder in their lives; weird to think about because that could range from anorexia to binge eating disorder, which can have the reverse effect of dieting and lead to an overwhelming amount of obesity. It’s crazy it’s almost as if you can just look at a picture of a f*cking cupcake and become fatter.”

I sighed, thinking about all the diets I have tried in my life.

The Warthog looked up at me.

“Have you ever tried Weight Watchers?”

I chuckled thinking about a Warthog trying to lose weight.

“It’s almost as if the world’s obsession with the number on the scale has a transverse effect.”

I solemnly agreed with Andy, impressed at the amount of knowledge this one Warthog had. It was right then and there that I realized, that must have been the Warthog’s inspiration for the I’m More Fatter Collection…


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