The Noodle Affair

“Do you want a bite?”

I asked Andy Warthog as he stared at my plate of pasta.

With drool almost dripping down to the table below, the Warthog wiped his mouth and replied

“No thanks, I am gluten free.”

“Don’t you have an entire collection dedicated to noodles?”

Andy shrugged, annoyed with my question, “Why yes, yes I do. I may not be able to eat the noodles, but that’s why I came up with The Noodle Affair Collection. You see, if I can’t eat it, I might as well use it as a tool. I love all noodles in all shapes, cooked, raw, soft, hard, limp…”

The Warthog smirked as he winked at me.

“I take some of my favorite things, like cats or owls, and create them with noodles. It’s like if a cat and noodle had a secret lovers affair, that the wife kitty couldn’t know about and then had a bastard child, that would be the result of The Noodle Affair, why don’t you just take some time and really ponder that thought.”
With a loss of appetite I dropped the noodle from my mouth and slid the plate to the side.

“If you aren’t going to eat that, can I use it? I could always use more noodles for my collection!”


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