Das Shit News

“When I turn on the television, 90% of everything on there just makes me feel like sh*t,”

Said The Warthog

“Even the small positive stories that the media covers, do nothing to mask the infinite number of negative things taking place not just in the United States, but all over the world.”

This evening I joined the delicately genius artist, Andy Warthog. As we sat under the warm, fluorescent lighting of his dining room table. I had the opportunity to pick his brain for his latest collection. 

“My inspiration for the Das Sh*t News Collection really developed from the never ending timeline of tragic current events. My goal is to try to get people talking about something important or at least inspire a f*cking thought. Today, our lives our filled with endless distractions keeping us away from the sh*t going on right under our snouts. This is one of my only categories that will always be changing. I look at the top news each day and really let my mind spew out any impulsions on the topic I may have.”

The profound Warthog continued as I frantically tried to take notes and keep up.

“Take the war in Ukraine for example, when it first began at the top of the year, it was on the forefront of most people’s minds, coverage on the topic was everywhere. Now as we drift into almost a year past, the war is getting less and less coverage. Putin hasn’t stopped… there have now just been more stories to pass it. There is absolutely nothing I despise more in this realm than Putin. FUCK PUTIN.” 

Andy slammed his fists on the table and stood up, just before he exited the room, he turned and said,

“That’s why I made this collection, to talk shit and to stay on top of the latest, worst topics.”


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