The Andy



Unlike most Warthogs, I am not going to lie and say I do not watch TV. I indulge every now and then. However, I will not reveal my new media likes and dislikes. I enjoy a certain level of privacy, since that seems to be overrated nowadays. I mean no one needs to know that I love the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kim is the best. Not Kim Fields. The OG Kim, Kim Zolciak-Biermann. I mean nothing beats Kim eating a pizza while getting laser fat removal. You can’t beat prime tv like that. NeNe Leakes is also a legend.


The best fruit of all time.

My favorite foods alternate between a range of grasses, roots, bark, insects, fungi, eggs, carrion, and of course berries. There is absolutely nothing better than a succulent berry while you are chilling on the Savanna with your mom cuddled up next to me. Very comforting.


Perfect combo of angel and demons

Have you seen them? Need I explain more. They are just little devious floof balls that live in their own world. If you don’t like cats, you have clearly never been loved by one. Or you’re allergic. Which if that is the case, you may be the weaker ones of the human race… just saying.

Santa Claus

Ho Ho Ho Motherf*cker

The man cracks me up. The whole ideology of Santa Claus is phenomenal. Think about it. Who really is Santa Claus on his off time? A drag queen? A demon? A boring average white dude? Hysterical. 


Intergalactic Travel Beats Everything

If you ever get a chance I recommend planet 6 Thanh 4284. They have the most decadent, prestigious meals that will knock any michelin star meal on earth out of the water. You haven’t lived until you have explored outside the bounds of earth. There is so much out there. And I swear if you don’t believe in aliens, you might as well go ahead and block yourself from me. 

Red Wine

Fruity Red Blend Specifically

If you haven’t had red wine you are missing out my friend. Let me challenge you. Get a little wine drunk. It’s a whole different level of drunk, you will be crying, laughing, and then crying again. It’s a true emotional journey. Go on, just giggle all of your mental instability out. 

You Want More, Don't You?

Ofcourse you do.

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